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Coach's Towel - Peter Freeman Edition

Coach's Towel - Peter Freeman Edition

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These tennis tips were compiled by Peter Freeman of CrunchTime Coaching.  Peter is a USPTA Elite Professional tennis coach - which is the highest level of certification available.  He coaches one on one, works with juniors and adult players at all levels, puts on one of the best weekend training camps in the Southeast, and is the host of Tennis Con, an online tennis conference that includes video sessions with some of the world's top coaches and trainers.  Pete loves the game of tennis and shares many of his tips on his youtube channel and Instagram page

Available on either a cooling towel or sweat towel.

Sweat towels are 16 x 25" (think of a large hand towel).  Material is 100% looped cotton terry on one side and 100% polyester velour on the other.

Cooling towels are 12 x 36" and made from 55% polyamide and 45% polyester.

How to use the cooling towel:

1. For best results, store it in a cooler
2. Pour a little ice water over it, wring it out, snap it, or stretch it
3. Enjoy the refreshing cooling sensation as you apply the towel to your neck, forehead, arms or legs.
4. Return towel to the cooler and repeat as needed.
Be sure to wash your towel between workouts.

Wanting to buy in bulk?  Orders of 10 or more towels qualify for a 25% discount. Orders of 20 or more get 45% off.  Contact me for details.

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