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The "Keep Calm" Towel - Doubles Edition

The "Keep Calm" Towel - Doubles Edition

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This towel was put together for the player who tends to get a bit emotional on the court.  Studies have shown that negative self talk leads to worse performance, so don't let yourself or your partner get into that downward spiral of self abasement.   Staying positive, focusing on what you can control (your reactions and your plans for the next point) will not only help you play better, but you and your partner may actually have more fun!  

If there is a line or two on the towel that you would like to replace, just let me know in the text box.  You can also personalize this towel, so if you want to add a name or team slogan, include that request in the text box as well.

Available on either a cooling towel or sweat towel.

Sweat towels are 16 x 25".  100% looped cotton terry on the back and 100% polyester velour on the printed side.

Cooling towels are 12 x 36".  55% polyamide and 45" polyester.  These lightweight towels are perfect for helping you cool down in the heat.

1. For best results, store it in a cooler
2. Pour a little ice water over it, wring it out, snap it, or stretch it
3. Enjoy the refreshing cooling sensation as you apply the towel to your neck, forehead, arms or legs.
4. Return towel to the cooler and repeat as needed.
Be sure to wash your towel between workouts.

Wanting to buy in bulk?  Orders of 10 or more towels qualify for a 25% discount. Orders of 20 or more get 45% off.  Contact me for details.

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